French Lessons of Home

France is in Our Sights for a Vacation and I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled. A Year Away Gives Us Time to Do the Research.  To Save.  To Plan. And to Get Very, Very Excited. The Timing Seems Right for France…. High School French Lessons.  Check. High School Humanities Reading  on WWI, All Quiet on the […]

A Traveling Fox Saga

Hi!  RF Cardigan Here. Always Ready for a Travel Adventure Tale. My Trip to New York City was, Uh…Interesting. Did You Know there are Lots of Rats in NYC? They hide in the Subway Tunnels. You have to watch closely to See the Rats. But Trust Me…the Rats are There. The Rats are Bigger than Me. […]

A Brooklyn Brownstone of One’s Own

Brooklyn, New York. Jokes are Thrown Around About Brooklyn.  But Who Cares. Those in the Know, Know.   Brooklyn is the Best Kept Secret. It’s a Wondrous Place and the Perfect Jumping Off Spot to See All of NYC. Great, Fast Subway Lines Connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. Moonstruck – A Brooklyn Classic is Alive and Well. […]

What’s Good about the JetBlue Red Eye?

Taking the JetBlue Red Eye.  Leave at Midnight.  Arrive JFK at 6:00 AM. One Plane.  No Changes. All Good. Except. You’re in New York at 6AM with Check-In Not Until 3PM. What to Do with 9 Hours and a Very Tired Family of 4? How About a Parade? The 111th Annual Independence Day Parade in Brooklyn? Cobble Hill and Carroll […]

A Bra Worth a Second Look…or 3

Let’s Take a Moment and Talk Underwear. Specifically Bras. A Subject I’ve Discussed Forever.  With Tons of People.  In Varying Situations. So here’s My Beginning… I began my Work Career as a Fashion Retail Buyer. For Abraham & Straus in Brooklyn. It was Fast-Paced with Crazy Hours and I Loved It! My Area of Expertise was Daywear.  Better […]