A YouTube Summer Tale. Hold the Swim Goggles.

Summer and Reading. I know, It Doesn’t Quite have the Same Ring as Summer and Swimming(!)     Or Summer and Slushies(!)     But Somehow We Needed to Glamorize Reading for Miss Doodle 2. Help Her Get Past Her Aversion to Reading. And in My Mind, Summer was the Opportunity to Do Just That. […]

A Metropolitan Museum of Art Restoration…At Home.

One Year Ago, Miss Doodle 2 and I Created a Clay Sculpture Ballerina. Inspired by Degas’ The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer. We Used a Newspaper Armature, Twig Legs, Clay, and Tulle.  Screws Drilled into her Twig Legs Keep Her Steady. It was a “Mom and Me” Project.  In Clay. Our Little Dancer Was a Surprise Success. […]

A Kitty Hysterectomy

A Hysterectomy for a Kitty…Oh My Yes it’s True, In and Out in a Day with Little Pain assured Vet Sue. Our Poor Kitty, Sorry it has to Be This Way, Enjoy Your World, We want you Safe Every Day. Into the Carrier is a Huge Feat, We Tip it Up, And Pop Her In for […]

No…it’s Not Something We Need.

Pets? Specifically a Cat. Do We Need One?    Maybe.   Yes.    We Do. Wait a Minute…Maybe Not. Who Said We Need a New Cat? I’m Not Liking This.   Little Fuzzy Legs and Feet. I’ve Got My Eye on You, Kitty. And No, My Motherly Instincts Have Not Kicked In. Yes, I’ve Still Got My Eye […]