Daybreak Meals

By the Dawn’s Early Light. Weekdays Around Here are Hectic. Over Breakfast, each day, the Question of What’s for Dinner Comes Up. Eating Oatmeal while Deciding on Beef or Chicken is Not Really My Thing. But That’s Just the Way it Goes. So the Question…Beef or Chicken? Today’s Best Answer…Chicken with Potatoes, Carrots, Peppers. And […]

4 in 15 Challenge Summer Harvest

Back to School.  Always Working. End of Summer.  Need a Fast, Healthy, Light Dinner? Made from Kitchen to Table in 15 Minutes? In One Pot? Take the 4 in 15 Challenge using the End of Summer Harvest. In One Pot Create Fast Meals.  Healthy Meals.  Just Not Write-Home-About Meals. 🙂 Ready? Your 4 Ingredients to Cook […]

The 4 in 15 Challenge – Round 2

Dinner in a Flash. 4 Ingredients. 15 Minutes from Skillet to Table. Ready? The Ingredients for This Dinner: Chicken Rice Asparagus Black Beans Timer Set…15 Minutes.  Ready.  Go! Take 5 Minutes and Put it All Together. In a Skillet Brown the Chicken.  Add Vegetable Broth for liquid and flavor. Add Black Beans. Add asparagus. Add […]