Lunch Can Be Magical. If You Know Where to Look.

Summer 2018 is Spiraling Down.¬† Fast. Our High Schooler is Back in School.¬† This is an Impact Year for Her Future Goals. Our Mid-Schooler has One More Week.¬† Still Time to Find Lunch Time Adventures with Mom. And So Little Miss and I Ventured Out at Lunch. Downtown.¬† In the Ghastly Heat. To See What […]

Close to Home

Sometimes Staying Close to Home is Where You Need to Be. For Us…Summers have always been for Travel. To Faraway Places.¬† For Adventure.¬† For Fun. To Be Together. New York.¬† ¬†London.¬†¬† Jamaica.¬† Turks & Caicos.¬† Boston.¬† Florida Gulf Coast.¬† California. Colorado.¬†¬†¬† Disney.¬† From Coast to Coast. Paris was this Summer’s Trip.¬† Until it Wasn’t. ¬†My […]

An Ancient Meal

When we Talk of China, We Talk of its Ancient Culture. Thousands upon Thousands of Years.¬†¬† Symbolic and Laden with Customs. With Chinese Adopted Daughters, We are Honored to¬†Impart to them their Cultural Heritage. But it can sometimes be overwhelming. Customs and Whys.¬† Political Positions and Impacts.¬† The Food.¬† The People.¬† The Geography. For Help, […]

Street Snapshots and Lunch

We Took a Dr. Seuss Stroll Through the Streets of Downtown. And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street A Break to See What Lies Beneath our Feet.¬† To See What We Can See. We¬†Checked Out¬†Back Alleys.¬† Lined with Blue Dumpsters¬†hoping for Trash. Sat on the Steps of¬†a Year-Round School and Laughed.¬†¬†ūüôā Spied Street […]