China Day 1 – The Forbidden City with a Side of Noodles…

First Full Day in Beijing. 4 AM and We’re All Up. Just in Time for Breakfast. The Poly Hotel has an Incredible Buffet Breakfast. Included with the Room. Offerings of Chinese Delicacies and Everything Else. We are the only ones in the dining room. It’s That Early. ūüôā Get Ready for an Incredible Food Overload…Since […]

Lunch Can Be Magical. If You Know Where to Look.

Summer 2018 is Spiraling Down.¬† Fast. Our High Schooler is Back in School.¬† This is an Impact Year for Her Future Goals. Our Mid-Schooler has One More Week.¬† Still Time to Find Lunch Time Adventures with Mom. And So Little Miss and I Ventured Out at Lunch. Downtown.¬† In the Ghastly Heat. To See What […]

Tips to Navigate a Chinese Buffet…Healthy and Cheap

How Many Chinese Buffets Have You Dived Into? I Know…Not My Favorite Either, but it is Fun and Silly and Entertaining. The Food Offerings are Staggering to be Sure.¬† Healthy Eating Can Fly Out the Window. And You Can End Up Spending More Than You Bargained For. After Many Trips to Buffets, I Finally Figured […]

Close to Home

Sometimes Staying Close to Home is Where You Need to Be. For Us…Summers have always been for Travel. To Faraway Places.¬† For Adventure.¬† For Fun. To Be Together. New York.¬† ¬†London.¬†¬† Jamaica.¬† Turks & Caicos.¬† Boston.¬† Florida Gulf Coast.¬† California. Colorado.¬†¬†¬† Disney.¬† From Coast to Coast. Paris was this Summer’s Trip.¬† Until it Wasn’t. ¬†My […]

An Ancient Meal

When we Talk of China, We Talk of its Ancient Culture. Thousands upon Thousands of Years.¬†¬† Symbolic and Laden with Customs. With Chinese Adopted Daughters, We are Honored to¬†Impart to them their Cultural Heritage. But it can sometimes be overwhelming. Customs and Whys.¬† Political Positions and Impacts.¬† The Food.¬† The People.¬† The Geography. For Help, […]

Crazy Christmas Eve Tradition…Thanks Mom!

Comfort Food for Me is Chinese. Always Has Been.¬† I Guess I can Thank My Mom and Her Crazy Christmas Eve Tradition. There was exactly one Chinese Restaurant in My Town on Long Island. It was the place we picked for special occasions.¬† To me it was so¬†exotic and fancy.¬† The dining room was a […]

Street Snapshots and Lunch

We Took a Dr. Seuss Stroll Through the Streets of Downtown. And to Think I Saw it on Mulberry Street A Break to See What Lies Beneath our Feet.¬† To See What We Can See. We¬†Checked Out¬†Back Alleys.¬† Lined with Blue Dumpsters¬†hoping for Trash. Sat on the Steps of¬†a Year-Round School and Laughed.¬†¬†ūüôā Spied Street […]