China Day 3 – Lama Temple and a Wild Rickshaw Ride

Pass through the Lama Temple Gates out of the bustle of Beijing. The Quiet is Intoxicating. A reflective, beautiful place. 85 Tibetan Monks live and worship here. Frigid with Brisk Winds from the West. Typical Beijing in January. We are Filled with Wonder and Enlightenment. And Frozen Solid. Next Stop..the HuTong Rickshaw Tour of Old…Continue reading China Day 3 – Lama Temple and a Wild Rickshaw Ride

An Ancient Meal

When we Talk of China, We Talk of its Ancient Culture. Thousands upon Thousands of Years.   Symbolic and Laden with Customs. With Chinese Adopted Daughters, We are Honored to Impart to them their Cultural Heritage. But it can sometimes be overwhelming. Customs and Whys.  Political Positions and Impacts.  The Food.  The People.  The Geography. For Help,…Continue reading An Ancient Meal

A Tiny Expert

A Class Lesson.  Taught by the Student. No Assistance from Mom.  It’s Her Show. It’s a Little Scary.  But Being Prepared is Key. The Lesson:  Chinese New Year In 30 Minutes. The Lesson Will Go Something Like This… Serving Noodles to be Eaten with Special Chinese Chopsticks. The Kids Will Love the Noodles! Presenting Lucky…Continue reading A Tiny Expert