On to a Beginning

What’s One of the Best Things about the End of the Year? A Shot at a New Beginning. I’m Not Going to Gloss Over This Next Statement.  2017 was Tough. Crazy Tough. But I Wouldn’t Change Anything, Even if I Could, because We Have Learned and Grown and Come Together. Sometimes Kicking and Screaming and […]

Behind the Curtain…A Dungeon Mom’s Tale of The Nutcracker

Degas-Inspired Ballerinas.  Graceful and Strong. Dazzling Sets.  Victorian Christmas Décor. Excited Children in their Taffeta Finery.  Candy Canes tucked in their Pockets. Make Way for The Nutcracker at The Kimo Theatre. Downtown Albuquerque. Magic. This is What We See From the House Seats. But What Goes On Behind the Curtain?   Does All the Magic […]

A Flicker Flash of Christmas

Dear Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky, Your Score for The Nutcracker is Brilliant.  Our family has enjoyed it so much.   I hear certain pieces and I begin to cry.  I know all the flourishes and beats and marks.  I have watched how hard my daughters work to achieve the moves that bring your music to life.  It […]

Secret Santa

Showing by Example.  Teaching Children to Be Kind. Giving of Ourselves to Help Others. Reaching out to Touch a Life.  To Show Someone they are Loved. The Joy of Giving at Christmas. We have adopted a Family this Christmas.   A family of 2. We are Giving them Food.  Real Food. Ham and Potatoes and Fresh Pineapple […]