Adding Color to the World

I Did a Clay Sculpture.  A Lady Sitting on the Beach. Shells in her Hand.   Facing the Sea.  Her Hair Flying Back.  Sunglasses.  Smiling. “Beach Lady” It Was to Be a Gift for a Favorite Neighbor Lady on a Milestone Birthday. A Lady I’ve Known All My Life.  Her Daughter and I are Like […]

A Metropolitan Museum of Art Restoration…At Home.

One Year Ago, Miss Doodle 2 and I Created a Clay Sculpture Ballerina. Inspired by Degas’ The Little Fourteen-Year-Old Dancer. We Used a Newspaper Armature, Twig Legs, Clay, and Tulle.  Screws Drilled into her Twig Legs Keep Her Steady. It was a “Mom and Me” Project.  In Clay. Our Little Dancer Was a Surprise Success. […]