Hey Mom…You’re Viral!

Mom…You’re a Real YouTuber! 7,096 Views! You’re Viral! Whatever Exactly That Means.  🙂 The Doodle T Flip Skirt. A 14 Second YouTube Video.     Flip and Dance. Giggle and Sing. The Doodle T Flip Skirt!   Reversible. Easy and Fun to Wear. Love, Jeanne 🙂 A Short Video on a Simple Cut and Sew […]

Secrets to Making a Doodle T Flip Dress

I Love Doodle T Flip Dresses. Simple to Make.  Easy for Girls to Wear.   Perfect for Any Season. The Best for Spinning, Twirling and Cartwheels! Shhh…Here are my Secret Tips for Making a Doodle T… No Pattern.  A little Measuring.  6 Steps.  In 30 Minutes! Step 1 – Select the Fabric.  You can be Mitchy-Matchy […]