Family Day…Ten Years of Surprises

Family Day. The Day an Adopted Child Finds Their Forever Family. A Celebration of Being Together. Being Loved. For Us, a Table for 4. Morning Celebrations are Perfect as the Sun Peeks Up Over the Mountain. Table Set with Sparkles and Silliness. Cinnamon Rolls Smell as Sweet as Warm Family Hugs. At Each Place Setting, […]

So What is Family Day?

Family Day. The anniversary of the day when a new member joins a family in the adoption process. Family Day for Us is the Moment We Became a Family of 4. The Moment 2 Girls Became Sisters. March 2, 2009 in Guangzhou, China.    A Moment Forever in Our Hearts. It Began with Tears. Lots […]

A Simple Love Story

Family Day – An Adoption Celebration of the Moment When a Family is Created. Created in Love. “A Love Story to My Husband” Thank You. Thank You for Agreeing to Travel with Me to the Ends of the Earth… For Me to Be a Mom.    And For Us to Become Parents Together. Twice. Thank You for Holding […]

A Family Created in a Day

Today is a Special Day.  Our Family Day. Seven Years Ago a Frightened Little Girl Became Our Daughter. In Far Away China. It’s a  Story That I Know Will Be Told Forever. A Story that We Will Never Forget. A Day When We Saw Magic… On this Wonderful Journey that is Life.

Morning Muffins with a Side of Hot Air

A Special Day.  Family Day. 12 Years Ago in Guangzhou, China.  We Became a Family. Cinnamon Swirl Muffins and Gifts to Celebrate! 5:30 AM – Time to Make the Muffins.  With help from Krusteaz Muffin Mix. Half Asleep?  No Problem. This One’s a Piece of Cake…(couldn’t resist). 5 Minutes to Prepare:  Krusteaz Mix…2/3 Cup Water…1 […]