Divide and Conquer

In Years Past, I Flitted Through Life. Very La Di Da-ish. Sure there were Uphill Climbs.  But We Always Managed to Have the Proper Tools for the Task. Sometimes We Looked to My Creativity to Conquer the Foe. Other Times We Needed the Inner Strength of Mr. Doodle. Together with Laughter and the Job Got […]

Making it Special to Get through the Hard Stuff

Family Meetings and Funerals. With Family Blending Thrown Into the Mix. Deep Sadness for All. An Important Meeting Needs to Happen to Decide How to Proceed. The Meeting Will Be At Our Home. But How to Gracefully Do All This…I Take a Lesson from My Mom. Serve Food.  Lots and Lots of Food. But Keep […]

Chasing the Cure, Part 2 – A Love Story

New Mexico.  1937. A Beautiful Native American Woman.   23 years old.  Born and Raised on Laguna Pueblo.  New Mexico. Oldest Daughter of 8 Children. Tiny in Statute.  Dynamic and Strong in Spirit. Caretaker of her Family. She Dreamed of Marrying a Cowboy.   But then she got Sick.  Fever.  Chills.  A Horrible Cough.  Spitting up Blood. Tuberculosis.  TB. Medicine was […]

Table for Four

Finally. After 10 Long Weeks in a Hospital… Yes.  A Table for Four. Home. The Best Medicine. I’ve Missed All of You. I’ve Missed My Life. Our Life. But Somehow….Miraculously…We are Better. Stronger as a Family. Together. Not Out of the Woods.  There’s Still More Treatment. More Tests. More of Everything. An Autoimmune Disease that […]

Mr. Flu

Say it’s Not So. Say it’s Not True. Oh Lord, Mr. Flu, is that really You? Yes.  In the Flesh.  In a Feverish Woe. Flu is on His Game.  We are Way Low. Ballerina Girl First.  She’s Never Been Sick. Drained and Down.  Not Eating a Lick. Oh Mom, is this really what it’s like? I’m […]

Traveling for Christmas…A Bus Adventure!

The Idea Sounded Great in July. Let’s Go to Florida for Christmas! Let’s have a Real Christmas Vacation.  On the Beach. Switch Out Boots for Flip Flops.  Yes! And Then Around August Came the Question… But Will Santa Find Us in Florida??? My Answer Was Quick and Flippant…Of Course! Santa Flies All Over the World.  […]

A Mule Barn Christmas Spin

Let’s Talk Greasy Spoons.  Every Town Has One. You Know, the Local Funky Place for Decent Food at Cheap Places. Here We Have Murphy’s Mule Barn. The Name Kind of Says it All. We Took our Animal Friends to Lunch.    The Moose Siblings and R.F. Cardigan. An Early Holiday Celebration.  Celebrating Being Together and the Joys […]

Elf Culture

Ah the Elf. Yes.  We Have an Elf. Elf on the Shelf. 6 Years and Going Strong.  I thought we would have outgrown her, but not yet. She has become a Christmas Family Tradition and that’s a Good Thing. Guess You Never Outgrown Family Traditions. Her Schedule is Short and Tight.  She arrives Thanksgiving Morning with Advent […]

A Colorado Holiday and The Best Turkey Ever!

Colorado for Thanksgiving.  All the Family Together. Cold Outside but So Very Warm and Comforting Inside. We Cooked for Days and Days.  The Meal was Perfectly Lovely. Even when Eaten in 30 Minutes or Less.  🙂 Enjoy Our Snapshots of a Wonderful Holiday. First Up the Family Turkey Platter.  Ready for its Annual Debut. The Best […]