An Overnight. So Close. Yet Oh So Far.

A Very Mini, ,Let’s-Just-Go-Around-the-Corner, Holiday Stay. To Celebrate Surgery Done, We’re Moving to the Light. We are All So Very Ready for the Light. Filled with Normal Days of Work.  School.  Home.  No Hospital Stays. But there’s still pain.  Although anticipated. This Outing May Have Been a Bit Too Ambitious.  She Really Just Wanted to […]

Cheap Thrills on a Bike

They Whisper Together…Oh these Two. We’re Not Sure Mom Can Do This… Hey Dad, Do You?   We’ll have to Ride Slow. On an Easy Path. We’ll Go maybe a Mile, Let Mom do the Math.   An Outing that’s Cheap. An Adventure for Fun. A Staycation Excursion when Clouds Shield the Sun.   Helmets On.  Old […]

4th of July…No Beach…No Problem

A First for Me.  No Beach Celebration for the 4th of July. In years past, 4th of July was at the Beach.  Almost by mandated rule. Saltwater, Sea Spray, Hot Dogs, Watermelon, Flag Waving. And at Dark…Fireworks! A Celebration of the Middle of Summer. But not this year.  No Swimming.  No Water Play.  No Hikes in […]

Finding Magic in the Dark

After the Nurses and Doctor Teams and Experts Step Away. Once the IVs, Scans and X-rays finish the Day. Just Before School and the World Enters the Fray. It’s Mom.  Just Mom.  To Forge the Way. Very Scary Flying Solo once the Support is Done. It’s Mom who brings the Child Back into the Sun. And […]

Throw a Log on the Fire…It’s Spring in the Desert

Chilly in the Morning. Chilly in the Evening. Chilly at Breakfast Time. Perfect Weather for Hot Coffee, Eggs and Toasted Bagels by the Fire. At Flying Star.  A Local Respite from the Craziness of the Week. Enjoying Some Quiet Time and Gallons of Coffee…Together. On the Patio.  With the Smells of Pinon and Bacon in the Air. […]

Flying Star – Jump to Dessert

How About Just this Once We Forget the Meal and Jump to Dessert? Flying Star Cafe, a local bistro, is perfect for Jumping to Dessert. Flying Star is an Order-First-at-the-Counter Kind of Place. Dining Under the Cottonwoods is Fun and Funky. Horses and Dogs Allowed. Waiting at the Counter to Place the Order… Dinner???    No […]