Sometimes You Just Need to Buy a Castle

I am House Obsessed.  Forever and Always. As a Kid I Built Houses Out of Anything Large Enough for Me to Fit Inside. Houses Constructed from Major Appliance Boxes were Jewels.  Fallen Tree Limbs Worked Too.   I Would Spend Hours Designing and Building and Decorating the Space. At Lunchtime, Eating in My Special House […]

Hello France…Real Estate Reality or Dream?

Before the Craziness of Real Life Fell in Our Laps, We were Looking at Buying a House in France. Testing the Real Estate Waters to See if This Was Feasible or Just a Pipe Dream. So I Did a Quick Search.  With a Max Budget of $50,000, Could We Find a House in France? An […]

Great Airfares with Lessons Learned

Travel Insurance. Do You Purchase Travel Insurance when you book Airfare? We Never Did. Never needed to.   Never thought about it. Our Summer Trip.  Booked in January for the Best Airfare. Ahhh France in June.  A Paris apartment on the Left Bank.  Visit to the Palace of Versailles.  Croissant Breakfasts every day.  Tenth Century Walled City […]

Paris by Way of Reykjavik

We Did It! We’re Really Going. To Paris!  Waiting not so patiently for June. We did our own Travel Arrangements.  Together.  One Evening. One LONG Evening. Laptops.  Phones.  Maps.  Notebooks. To Get the Best Price on Airfare. Air Travel is Very Expensive when You Live Off a Main Thorofare.  Like We Do. Here’s our Starting Point…Albuquerque […]

A Castle in France on the Radar

2017 is the Year. The Year of France for Us. With Some High School French and Spanish Under Our Belts.  We are Up for the Adventure. For Only One Week.  Sadly.  But in June. Paris.  The City of Lights.  First.   No Particulars Yet. But I did Find This VRBO Studio Apartment.  Sleeps 5.  Reasonable Price. […]

A Love Affair with Houses

I Never Remember a Time When I Didn’t Love Houses. Houses created from Refrigerator Boxes.  Windows and Doors cut with a serrated knife. Houses designed from fallen trees in the woods behind my House. Houses drawn with Crayons.  Houses built from Shoe Boxes. Not the Simple Square with Triangle Roof Style Houses.  Cute. Oh No. […]

French Lessons of Home

France is in Our Sights for a Vacation and I Couldn’t Be More Thrilled. A Year Away Gives Us Time to Do the Research.  To Save.  To Plan. And to Get Very, Very Excited. The Timing Seems Right for France…. High School French Lessons.  Check. High School Humanities Reading  on WWI, All Quiet on the […]