Maybe We Eat Out Too Much

Baby Boomer Parents to Millennial Teens. While Many of our friends are retired, We’re still slogging along with All the Balls in the Air. Full Time Work. Mid-School Kid. High School Kid Ballet Classes. Homework. House Chores. Yard Work. Pets. Laundry. Grocery Shopping. Costco Runs. Making Lunches. Cooking Meals. Did I Forget Anything? You Get […]

A Date?

Mr. Doodle:  I Have the Day Off from Work Today for My Birthday. Do You Want to Meet for Lunch? I’m Not Sure Why I Was Surprised at this Question to Meet for Lunch. But I Was Just Delighted. Yes! A Simple Lunch Date.  Just for 2. At a Favorite Local French Café…Le Troquet. A […]

The Little Café that Could

Le Troquet.  Bistro Francais. The Little Café. This Tiny Gem Sits Quietly on a Corner.  Downtown. Circular Steps Lead to the Tiny Front Door.  Inside is Enchanting.   White Eyelet Valances Flutter in the Windows. Perfectly Parisian. Tables Set with Starched White Cloths and Silver. Happy Tiny Flowers in Glass Vases on each Table. Seating for 20 Max. Le […]