Don’t You Just Love February?!

Ahh, February. Shortest Month of the Year. Yet Loaded with the Most Holidays! Of Course, I’ve been working my Butt Off which is why you haven’t heard from me lately…But it’s All Good and We’re Here in the Middle of February! February is a Great Time for Early Yard Clean Up for Spring. The Groundhog […]

Hairdos and Menus and Giving Thanks

Cousins.  Separated by States. Together Today.  Early Morning. For a Joint Hair Dresser Appointment. The Perfect Opportunity to Catch Up. To Laugh. To Get Color and Cut. And To Plan a Colorado Thanksgiving. As Our Color Processes, We Go Into Full-On Menu Planning. She insisted I bring a Notebook to Write Everything Down. Thanksgiving… She will […]

A Cool Mom’s Guide to Back to School Hair

I want to be the Cool Mom.  Don’t We All? But…Ah…the Big But. Hair Color.  Guess it’s No Big Deal.  But…Yes…the Big But. Her Beautiful.  Perfect.  Long Straight Black Hair.  Untouched.   Perfect. Did I say Perfect?  Yes.  Perfect. But  Finally I Agree to Some Color. Really Mom???     I Can Get Color??? At a Salon.  With an Expert.  […]