Could be the Last Trick or Treat…

Or Not. To Celebrate, We are Preparing a Memory-Making Meal Before Trick or Treating. Human Guts and Severed Fingers.  Perfect. And Quick and Easy to Create. Care to Try it?….Here’s What You Need: Ribs.   Red Pepper. Green Olives.  Biscuits. Linked Sausage. Hot Dogs. Green Beans. Mashed Potatoes. Hot Dog Buns. To Prepare the Hot […]

Making Tiny Cakes and Being Brave

Mid-School is Tough.  You Remember that Time, Right? A Best, Best Friend is Trying On Having a Boy as a Best, Best Friend and Everyone Else is Put Aside. On the Very First Day of School. We Talk About Being Brave and Staying True and All the Other Ways This Can be Handled.   And […]

Baked and Carved and Halloween!

8:15.  AM. Whoosh.  Out the Door. Halloween Ready. 24 Cupcakes.  Decorated.  Check. A Black Swan.  Fancy. And the Statute of Liberty.  A Book Character.  Nothing Scary.  Good. Tonight.  The Main Event. Jack-O-Lantern is Carved and Suave.  Lite and Ready. Very Silly!  Silly is Good. Happy Halloween Magic. We Start Early in These Parts…Don’t Want to […]

Is It Too Early for Halloween?

Without really thinking about it.  Without Much Effort or Expense. We’re Decorated for Halloween. The Seasons.  The Holidays.  All Moving at Warp Speed. Last Week of September.  Not Too Early for Halloween.  I Think. Truth be Told, I’d Rather Not Do Halloween and Fall in Love with Fall Displays. A Wreath for the Door.  Corn Husk Swags on […]