F-21’s Make Me Blue…

Roses are Red. Washing Machine F-21 Codes Make Me Blue. Mr. Doodle You-Tubed a Solution… Happy Valentine’s Day to Me and to You! Silliness in the Early Morning. A Bit of Sugar to Celebrate. Hand Made Cards filled with Love. Early Morning Hearts and Flowers Party. Sending Happy Valentine’s Day Magic to You!

Decorate a Chandelier. Now it’s a Party!

I’m not very Crafty. Perhaps because of No Time.  But sometimes a Quick, Down and Dirty Craft Pops in My Head and It Works. Here’s One for the Spur of the Moment Party. Or the Monthly Holiday Celebration.  Or Just Because. This was Perfect for Valentine’s Day. But have No Fear…Pi Day is Coming.  March […]

Stone Heart

Valentine’s Day. A Little Craft of Stone to Warm the Heart. First Find a Heart-Shaped Stone. I strolled down my driveway and founds lots of contenders.  I also had a stash from a trip to Moonstone Beach in Cambria, California. Pick Up Velvet Necklaces, Wire and Jewelry Tools at the Craft Store. 18 Gage Wire.  Sturdy yet […]