Blow Away Mundane Meals…Easy, Fast, Fun!

Sunday Morning.  Just You and Your Buddy.  Everyone Else is Still Asleep. Forget the Ho Hum Eggs and Bacon.  Oatmeal is for the Work Week.  Let’s Do Italian Eggs! Just like Mrs. Castorini in Moonstruck. Italian Bread and Eggs. Place on a Hot Skillet. Eggs Fit Snugly in the Centers. Cook Any Style. Fancy Silver. […]

Italian Eggs Extraordinaire

My Favorite Movie.  Moonstruck. Filmed in My Old Neighborhood in Brooklyn. My Favorite Fun Breakfast Food.   Italian Eggs. Comfort Food for Me.  Could Easily Become Comfort Food for You Too. Easy.  Silly.  Oscar-Worthy. Moonstruck, Cher and Nicolas Cage 1987 Check Out this Classic Scene from Moonstruck when Mrs. Castorini makes Eggs… Need Some Comfort This Weekend??? […]