The Zing and Zang of School Uniforms

Should Schools Require Uniforms?   This Pressing Question, Will NOT Be Addressed Here Today.  Another Day, Perhaps. But Not Today. At this School (K – 8) Uniforms are Mandatory.  It’s a Charter School.     When You Select the School.  You Must Follow the Rules of the School. Not that I Worship Rules.  But in […]

Elementary Fashion, my dear Watson

Elementary School Fashion on a Budget… We have Style in Spades…Fearless Mixing of Patterns and Stores…All on a Budget! Matilda Jane Top and Pantaloons – all cotton.  T.J. Maxx flats. Matilda Jane – Buy On-line or by Trunk Shows.  Super Fun Clothes and Great Sale Prices. H&M cotton dress, T.J. Maxx leggings, Costco sneakers. H&M […]