The Magic ER Tree…A True Story

The Security Doors Fling Open and We Swoosh Inside. White glaring lights illuminate the scene of constant movement. The Pediatric ER.  Yes.  We are here again. 10:00 PM…22:00 in Hospital Time.  A Tuesday. Perhaps a Stomach Bug.  But Perhaps Something More.  No Fever.  Good.  Nausea with Belly Pain.  Yes. Vitals.  Monitor Hook Ups.  The Sliding […]

Secret Santa

Showing by Example.  Teaching Children to Be Kind. Giving of Ourselves to Help Others. Reaching out to Touch a Life.  To Show Someone they are Loved. The Joy of Giving at Christmas. We have adopted a Family this Christmas.   A family of 2. We are Giving them Food.  Real Food. Ham and Potatoes and Fresh Pineapple […]