Walking to Mexico…in Pajamas

Right About Now, I’m Wishing that We Could Hop on a Plane, Jump in a Jeep, or Float in a Boat to a Tropical Oasis for Vacation. How About a Quick Trip to Mexico? We Can Walk.  Leave on Your Pajamas.  No Passports Required. We’re Off to El Mezquite Market. Let’s Sing as We Go… […]

Where Did You Get That?

Santa Fe Shopping.  Santa Fe Style. Santa Fe is Other-Worldly. Not the Alien/Roswell kind of Other-Worldly….but Simply Santa Fe. Let’s Go Shopping for a Fun, You-Never-Know-What-You’ll-Find Experience! Hey, You just walked past a great Black Wool Ensemble. The Silver and Onyx Necklace is So Santa Fe.  You Hear that A Lot Around Here. What about […]