Paris by Way of Reykjavik

We Did It! We’re Really Going. To Paris!  Waiting not so patiently for June. We did our own Travel Arrangements.  Together.  One Evening. One LONG Evening. Laptops.  Phones.  Maps.  Notebooks. To Get the Best Price on Airfare. Air Travel is Very Expensive when You Live Off a Main Thorofare.  Like We Do. Here’s our Starting Point…Albuquerque […]

A Traveling Fox Saga

Hi!  RF Cardigan Here. Always Ready for a Travel Adventure Tale. My Trip to New York City was, Uh…Interesting. Did You Know there are Lots of Rats in NYC? They hide in the Subway Tunnels. You have to watch closely to See the Rats. But Trust Me…the Rats are There. The Rats are Bigger than Me. […]

Spreading Wings to Soar

The Ultimate Parenting 101 Lesson. Giving Your Child the Tools to Spread their Wings and Soar. And Then Letting Them Go. Necessary for All the Milestones of Life… But How Do You Know When They’re Ready?   And Are You Ever Ready? 14 Years Old.  Plunged On Her Own in the Biggest City in the World. She […]