Teens and Coats. Battle Lines are Drawn.

Put on a Coat!  It’s Freezing Outside! No Thanks.  I’m Good.  I’m Not Cold. Every morning, the same battle with Miss Doodle 2…Put on a Coat.  Or some variation on the theme.    You Need a Coat!   You’re Going to Freeze.  Hoodies aren’t Warm Enough. Then the Final Stand Off Happened This Week… OK, at […]

First Flight. We Have Take Off!

I Blinked. I Tried Not To.  But I Blinked. 15 Years.  Poof. 15 Wonderful Years.  But Poof, Just the Same. And Now She’s Off.  Across the Country. For a Summer Leadership Program for Teens Interested in Medicine. I Know that in Another Poof, She’ll Be Back. Home.   But This Poof Will Have Enriched Her […]

Raising A New Age Princess. A Business Letter. A Slimy Experiment(!)

Slime.  An Engaging Substance. Creepy to My Mind.  Enchanting to Kids. The DIY Recipe is a Goopy Mess. Instructions Add glue to mixing bowl. Add water to glue and stir to combine. Sprinkle baking soda into mixture and stir to combine. Add food coloring and glitter as desired. Add saline solution and stir quickly to […]

Take a Spin, I’ll Hold My Breath.

Wild Rides.  Thrills.  Spills. A Staycation Outing in the Heart of the City. To Celebrate a Birthday with Special Friends. At Cliff’s Amusement Park.  55 Years and Going Strong. An Institution for Family Fun in Albuquerque. Pay One Price.  Ride All Day. A Place where My Mom-Fear-Index goes through the Roof. I have the Parent-Non-Rider Wristband. […]