A Tiny House in the Eye of a Storm

Our Last View of Florida was 9 Months Ago.  When All Was Well. The Tiny Mermaid House We Left Behind Now Sits in the Eye of Irma. Dear Mermaid House, Please Stay Safe.  Stay Protected.  Stay Strong. Our Friends in the Area have Evacuated and Are Safe. We Are Safe.  Sitting 2000 Miles Away. But […]

What’s New Here?

Home Design. Two Words.  Modern Blending. The Homes of Enchantment Parade of Homes showcases New Home Design in New Mexico. This is Such a Fun Event –  Touring the Newest of New in Home Design. The Girls and I joined the Parade and paid a Visit to this Stunner. It did not disappoint. Come Walk […]

A Joy of Summer

One of the Many Joys of Summer…Swimming! Outside. Hot Sun Overhead. Surrounded by Cool Water. The Smell of Chlorine. Feeling your Strength with Each Stroke. Being Careful not to Giggle Too Much or You Get a Mouthful of Water   MAGIC!