On to a Beginning

What’s One of the Best Things about the End of the Year? A Shot at a New Beginning. I’m Not Going to Gloss Over This Next Statement.  2017 was Tough. Crazy Tough. But I Wouldn’t Change Anything, Even if I Could, because We Have Learned and Grown and Come Together. Sometimes Kicking and Screaming and […]

Are You a Tourist?

Old Town Albuquerque. A 5 minute drive for us, yet a Million Miles Away. A Spot where Everyone is a Tourist. And so on a STILL HOT…40 days of 100 degree craziness…We visited Old Town. To do what everyone does…Stroll, Take in the Shops, Eat and Stay Cool.   And a Late Lunch at Case de Ruiz […]

Indian Pueblo before the Storm

Hail and Wind and Rain. All Coming  In Late August. We Timed It Just Right for an Authentic Indian Pueblo Meal Just before the Coming Storm. At the Indian Pueblo Cultural Center. Just Down the Road from Home. There are Deer Dancers and a Corn Maiden in the Plaza. Celebrating the 19 Indian Pueblos of New […]