Divide and Conquer

In Years Past, I Flitted Through Life. Very La Di Da-ish. Sure there were Uphill Climbs.  But We Always Managed to Have the Proper Tools for the Task. Sometimes We Looked to My Creativity to Conquer the Foe. Other Times We Needed the Inner Strength of Mr. Doodle. Together with Laughter and the Job Got […]

Where Did You Get That?

Santa Fe Shopping.  Santa Fe Style. Santa Fe is Other-Worldly. Not the Alien/Roswell kind of Other-Worldly….but Simply Santa Fe. Let’s Go Shopping for a Fun, You-Never-Know-What-You’ll-Find Experience! Hey, You just walked past a great Black Wool Ensemble. The Silver and Onyx Necklace is So Santa Fe.  You Hear that A Lot Around Here. What about […]