The Cat Proof Christmas Tree DIY Plan

Christmas Trees and Cats.  Disasters in the Making. Even Thinking about the Tree and this Crazy Cat was making my Head Hurt. Reading about how dangerous Tinsel Eating and Pine Oil is to Cats, I Was Dreading the Whole Christmas Tree Thing. But Christmas Without a Tree?  Not Going to Happen. So over the Last […]

A 2-Minute Blizzard

Well, it is January. January and Snow.  Happy Together. I am Thankful that the Snow Here Comes and Goes in a Hot Minute. But it is Crazy to Watch. Early Morning.   Cold.   Quiet. Suddenly.  Hail Hitting the Windows. Bouncing Off the Bricks. 1 Minute Coverage. Brrr… Accumulating Fast. Total Coverage. All in 2-Minutes. Then Whoosh.  […]

From 80 to 8

A 72 Degree Drop for Us. Cold and Wet and Today a First Snow. Icy Roads and Snow Will Close the Schools. Time for a Morning Walk before the Sun and Everyone are Up. Just Me and My Flip Flops and the Snow. Care to Join Me?  OK, You Can Slip on Your Boots. Quick […]