Road Trip?

Can You Guess the Restaurant? Perched on the Frontage Road of a Major Thoroughfare…You Can’t Miss this Spot. An All-In All-American Establishment. The Parking Lot is Filled with RVs, SUVs, Family Vans and Tour Buses. It is a Dining Experience Where the Menu is Extensive.  The Prices are Reasonable. And the Décor is Exactly a Mirror-Image…Continue reading Road Trip?

Into the Deep Blue

Job Title:  Aquarium Diver. Job Description:  Swim with Fish.  Swim in Shark Tank. Feed Fish.  Check Fish for Injuries.  Clean Tank. Wave to Diners at Shark Reef Café. Only Those Who Enjoy Jumping into the Deep Blue Need Apply. I grew up on Long Island.  Living at the Beach.  Salt Water flows through My Veins.…Continue reading Into the Deep Blue


Celebrating New Year’s Eve.  With Kids. This Year We Tried Something Different… Have You Ever Booked a Room for a Celebration in Your Hometown Hotel? Be a Tourist without Airports or Road Trips. Enjoy the Hotel Amenities – Pool, Gym, Spa.  Room Service. It’s Reasonable if You Chose Wisely. Our Criteria was a Pool.  The…Continue reading Beginnings