Too Hot to Breathe

 2 Full Weeks of 100 Degrees.  With No End in Sight. Everyone and Everything is Melting.     We Have Some Ideas to Keep Out the Heat.  And Keep in the Cool. Let’s Begin with Hair. Try Washing Your Hair at Night Before Bed.  Braid It Wet. Get Morning Waves to Mimic the Ocean that […]

Always. Finally. Thankfully. The Rain.

When Temperatures Reach 102.  Clear Sky in Cracking Blue, You Can Be Sure the Rains Will Come. They Do.  They Always Do.   When West Winds Blow Hot and Forests Burn, Rain Seems Far Away, We Pray the Rains Will Come.  As They Always Do.  But Rain is Still a Huge Concern.     Scorching […]

90 Days of Heat…Are You Ready?!

90 Days of Heat, Begins Today, We’ve Worked the Outside Magic, All Ready for a Vacation at Home Stay. Bring on the Heat, We Have Our Seat, Under the Trees, By the Pond So Deep. The Pond Spot Stays Cool, On the Hottest of Days, Too Bad it’s Not Deeper, Or I’d Back Float to […]