It’s the Magical Season!

The Dog Days of Summer are Here. Bringing with Them the Biggest Watermelon I’ve Ever Seen.     And Trust Me.  I’ve Seen Tons of Watermelon. I Would Eat So Much Watermelon, My Belly Would Slosh When I Walked.     This One is a Monster.       Lunch is Served.     Getting […]

The Day the Sun Stands Still

Noon.  Today.   June 21.     The Summer Solstice.   The Most Hours of Daylight in the Year.     Summer in the North.   Winter in the South.     Noon.  Today.     The Sun Reaches Its Highest Point in the Sky and Briefly Appears to Stand Still.       Enjoy […]

90 Days of Heat…Are You Ready?!

90 Days of Heat, Begins Today, We’ve Worked the Outside Magic, All Ready for a Vacation at Home Stay. Bring on the Heat, We Have Our Seat, Under the Trees, By the Pond So Deep. The Pond Spot Stays Cool, On the Hottest of Days, Too Bad it’s Not Deeper, Or I’d Back Float to […]

Take a Spin, I’ll Hold My Breath.

Wild Rides.  Thrills.  Spills. A Staycation Outing in the Heart of the City. To Celebrate a Birthday with Special Friends. At Cliff’s Amusement Park.  55 Years and Going Strong. An Institution for Family Fun in Albuquerque. Pay One Price.  Ride All Day. A Place where My Mom-Fear-Index goes through the Roof. I have the Parent-Non-Rider Wristband. […]

104 Degree Sunset

It’s Hot Here.  An Understatement. Ghastly Hot.  Heat that Comes with Warnings to Stay Indoors. With this Kind of Crazy Hot…Cooking is So Not an Option… And Certainly Wouldn’t Be as Much Fun as dining at The County Line. In the Foothills of the Sandia Mountains in Albuquerque. These are the Early Dog Days of Summer…Let’s Cool […]

Just Because Celebrating

Let’s Celebrate! What? It’s Wednesday!  OK.  Works for Me. And it’s Almost My Birthday. Now We’re Talking. A Good Place to Celebrate a Wednesday or Just Because is Buca di Beppo. Do You have a Buca in Your Town? Yes, it’s a Chain and I hate Chains….but it is Goofy and the Food is Decent. And […]

Busing Around Town

Work.  Yes.  Every Day. School.  Not Yet.  Soon.  Very Soon. Finding Summer Activities to Do During the Busy Work Week is Important. But By August, Our Summer Activities are Wearing Thin… How About a Morning Break for a Bus Excursion on the D-Ride? The D-Ride…Downtown Get-Around…Makes One Continuous Loop Downtown Albuquerque. And it’s Free! The World Looks Different […]

Best Watermelon Lunch Box Trick!

Watermelon in July. Exactly the Best Time to Eat Watermelon. Back to School Comes in Late Summer Here.  Crazy Early. When Watermelon Season is Still on High. Forget the Apples in Lunches.  Send Them Off with Watermelon! Here’s a Fun Trick for Lunch Box Watermelon. No Triangles and Rinds. No Fuss.  No Mess.  Easy to […]

After the Rain

Here people Talk about it.  Post about it.  Dream about it. Rain. It doesn’t happen often.  But when it does, everything is better. Fresh and Clean.  A Jolt of Life. The Plants and Fish are Happy. The Skies are Clear for Balloons. If I reach Up I can Touch Them. Almost. Waving Hello. Enough Time to Chat with […]