Busing Around Town

Work.  Yes.  Every Day. School.  Not Yet.  Soon.  Very Soon. Finding Summer Activities to Do During the Busy Work Week is Important. But By August, Our Summer Activities are Wearing Thin… How About a Morning Break for a Bus Excursion on the D-Ride? The D-Ride…Downtown Get-Around…Makes One Continuous Loop Downtown Albuquerque. And it’s Free! The World Looks Different…Continue reading Busing Around Town

After the Rain

Here people Talk about it.  Post about it.  Dream about it. Rain. It doesn’t happen often.  But when it does, everything is better. Fresh and Clean.  A Jolt of Life. The Plants and Fish are Happy. The Skies are Clear for Balloons. If I reach Up I can Touch Them. Almost. Waving Hello. Enough Time to Chat with…Continue reading After the Rain