Dinner by Fire

Food and Entertainment.  Always a Great Combination. But Usually Tough to Find.  And then there’s the Price. Teppan Grill Restaurants Put the Fun in Food with a Splash of Entertainment at a Reasonable Price.   For a Family of 4 that tries to make Dining Out an Experience, Teppan Grills are a Win/Win/Win. But How…Continue reading Dinner by Fire

Grill Skill Magic

How About a Teppan Grill Experience? We Love Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar – a Fun Dining Spot in the Neighborhood. Reasonably Priced.  Eating with Style.  Entertainment is Free. Start the Meal Off with Sushi…An Appetizer Extraordinaire. Fresh.  Dramatic.  Perfection. Soup. Delicate.  Dainty.  Fit for a Fairy. Then the Main Event – The Teppan Grill…Continue reading Grill Skill Magic