When is it Spring?

Now. Of Course. But Shoot, I Almost Missed It. Work has been Intense. Long, Long Hours. Up in the Dark. Home in the Dark. Lunch without Windows. Dark. But Surprisingly Productive. That’s All Good. But…No Time to Catch My Breath and See Spring. Until We Spent a Sunday Lunch at a Teppan Grill Decked Out […]

Dinner by Fire

Food and Entertainment.  Always a Great Combination. But Usually Tough to Find.  And then there’s the Price. Teppan Grill Restaurants Put the Fun in Food with a Splash of Entertainment at a Reasonable Price.   For a Family of 4 that tries to make Dining Out an Experience, Teppan Grills are a Win/Win/Win. But How […]

Grill Skill Magic

How About a Teppan Grill Experience? We Love Samurai Grill & Sushi Bar – a Fun Dining Spot in the Neighborhood. Reasonably Priced.  Eating with Style.  Entertainment is Free. Start the Meal Off with Sushi…An Appetizer Extraordinaire. Fresh.  Dramatic.  Perfection. Soup. Delicate.  Dainty.  Fit for a Fairy. Then the Main Event – The Teppan Grill […]