Behind the Curtain…A Dungeon Mom’s Tale of The Nutcracker

Degas-Inspired Ballerinas.  Graceful and Strong. Dazzling Sets.  Victorian Christmas Décor. Excited Children in their Taffeta Finery.  Candy Canes tucked in their Pockets. Make Way for The Nutcracker at The Kimo Theatre. Downtown Albuquerque. Magic. This is What We See From the House Seats. But What Goes On Behind the Curtain?   Does All the Magic […]

A Stand Firm Ballerina

I know a ballerina who always wanted to do her own dance. Yes.  This Ballerina. For the 2015 Nutcracker Season she is cast in the ultimate “I want to do it My Way” role… Fritz.  Clara’s younger brother. Fritz, the kid that grabs the Nutcracker from Clara. And smashes it. Fritz, the kid that shocks […]