Prepare to Be Amazed…The BioPark

The Albuquerque BioPark. A Trifecta of Gardens, Aquarium and Zoo with a Train that Connects All 3. An Annual Membership is Cost-Effective and Allows Residents to Stop By Any Time. For Visitors, The BioPark Is a Special Place to Visit to Be Amazed. On a Still Hot and Now Humid Afternoon, the Ladies Ventured Out to the […]

Keeping it Together

Another Week.  More Time Logged in the Hospital. That’s Ok.  We’re Keeping it Together. Holding On Tight and Taking Strength from Each Other. Challenges and Battles We didn’t Sign Up For. Who Ever Does? My One Tip to get through Any Nonsense that is Thrown Your Way? Sharing Meals Together. Sometimes in the Hospital.  Sometimes […]

Cooking Up Half a Storm

Work has been Crazy Busy and the Holidays are Moving Upon Us at Breakneck Speed. So Very Thankful for Today.  A Day to Cook and Bake and Pack with My Girls. For a Thanksgiving Adventure. Early Morning.  Up and Ready. The Thanksgiving Centerpiece.  Finishing Touches and Ready for Our Trip to Durango. Years Ago…This Was […]

Hairdos and Menus and Giving Thanks

Cousins.  Separated by States. Together Today.  Early Morning. For a Joint Hair Dresser Appointment. The Perfect Opportunity to Catch Up. To Laugh. To Get Color and Cut. And To Plan a Colorado Thanksgiving. As Our Color Processes, We Go Into Full-On Menu Planning. She insisted I bring a Notebook to Write Everything Down. Thanksgiving… She will […]