When Color Takes Over…Dive In!

Fashion Experts Say…Dress in the Colors You Love.  These Colors Will Be Perfect for You. For Me, It’s the Colors of the Sea. Aquamarine Sets My Heart Fluttering. I Was Sold When I Discovered the Aquamarines of the Turks and Caicos.   Maddening Never-Ending Blues.     After Our Trip to the Turks, I Have […]

A Sprinkle of Island History

A 200 year old Cotton Plantation on top of a hill. Overlooking the Turquoise Sea. Cheshire Hall Plantation, Providenciales. Established by Thomas Stubbs, a Loyalist, during the late 1770s. Stubbs was given a choice to stay and support the Patriots or Leave. He left and went to Turks. With 350 slaves, Stubbs began growing the […]