A Tiny House in the Eye of a Storm

Our Last View of Florida was 9 Months Ago.  When All Was Well. The Tiny Mermaid House We Left Behind Now Sits in the Eye of Irma. Dear Mermaid House, Please Stay Safe.  Stay Protected.  Stay Strong. Our Friends in the Area have Evacuated and Are Safe. We Are Safe.  Sitting 2000 Miles Away. But […]

The One Day Kitchen Remodel…Really!

Ahh…Christmas Vacation in the Mermaid House. In Sunny, Warm Florida. Sun, Sand, Shells, Shark Teeth, Boats, Shopping, Shrimp for Days and a Kitchen Remodel. A Kitchen Remodel!?! Yes. One Day to Transform the Kitchen. With a Company that I found On-Line. Trend Transformations. We are putting in Recycled Glass Countertops. The Color – White Star […]

Exotic Woods. Oh Me. Oh My.

A Plan to Make Kitchen Magic. In Wood. In Our Little House in Florida. When We First Met the Florida Kitchen, She Looked Like This…  With Clean Up, a Tin Backsplash and Paint She Morphed to This… She’s Ready for a Simple UpGrade.  Nothing Crazy or Expensive.  New Laminate Countertops.  In White. Then I Had an Idea…For […]