Great Airfares with Lessons Learned

Travel Insurance. Do You Purchase Travel Insurance when you book Airfare? We Never Did. Never needed to.   Never thought about it. Our Summer Trip.  Booked in January for the Best Airfare. Ahhh France in June.  A Paris apartment on the Left Bank.  Visit to the Palace of Versailles.  Croissant Breakfasts every day.  Tenth Century Walled City […]

A Walled City to Stay

Forging Forward. All of the Scary Hospital Stuff will be Behind Us. Of this I Pray. And We Will have France in June.  🙂 A Family of 4 in France. VRBO makes it Easy to Find a Place to Stay. This will be our First Trip to France. Looking for Adventure in the Cities and […]

A Brooklyn Brownstone of One’s Own

Brooklyn, New York. Jokes are Thrown Around About Brooklyn.  But Who Cares. Those in the Know, Know.   Brooklyn is the Best Kept Secret. It’s a Wondrous Place and the Perfect Jumping Off Spot to See All of NYC. Great, Fast Subway Lines Connect Brooklyn to Manhattan. Moonstruck – A Brooklyn Classic is Alive and Well. […]

Fly with Google Maps

VRBO is a Wonderful Way to Find the Perfect Vacation Spot for Your Family Vacation Rentals By Owner We Love to Go With VRBO and We’ve Put Together Many Fun Trips on a Budget. But Flying with Google Maps is the Best Way to Get the VRBO Pick Just Right. I Love the Google Maps’ […]

Family Travel on a Budget – Yes!

We would never be able to travel as a family of 4 without the magical VRBO. Vacation Rentals By Owner  –  Have you tried VRBO?? Think of any place in the World and VRBO has it covered.  And in lots of Price Ranges. The VRBO site is very easy to navigate. Select the PLACE you […]